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An insight on Advanced Excel Analytics

An insight on Advanced Excel Analytics

advanced excel training in Behala

Hi, readers, we Future Infotech are going to discuss on Ms Excel today. If you are looking for Microsoft Excel training in Behala or advanced excel training in Behala you must read this article carefully.

The 1st time we were introduced to Microsoft Excel was in our basic computing classes to pull off simpler tasks. But there is more to the story that meets the eyes. It's undeniable that Microsoft Excel is playing a significant role in processing, analyzing and especially presenting the data.

As a result, presenting data is much more convenient now with Excel nowadays. So how does excel make us analyze data easily? First of all, there are different variations of the data analysis.

Types of Data Analysis

Firstly, I'm going to list the variations to start with.

  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Analytics

Furthermore, I'm going to introduce each of them briefly.

Data Mining

First of all, Data Mining is that the analysis of enormous quantities of data to extract previously unknown, fascinating patterns of data, uncommon data and therefore the dependencies. Note that the goal is the extraction of patterns and information from massive amounts of data and not the extraction of data itself.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence techniques and tools are for acquisition and transformation of enormous amounts of unstructured business data to assist determine, develop and build new strategic business opportunities.

The Statistical Analysis

As we all know, Statistics is the study of collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data.

In data analysis, two main statistical methodologies are used

  1. Descriptive statistics
  2. Inferential statistics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics uses statistical models to research current and historical data for prognostication (predictions) regarding future or otherwise unknown events.

Text Analytics

This one is also named as Text Mining or as Text data mining. This is the process of etymologizing high-quality data from text. Text mining sometimes involves the method of structuring the input text, deriving patterns among the structured data victimization means that such as statistical pattern learning, and finally analysis and interpretation of the output.

Finally, these were the basics of data analysis program featured with Ms Excel. If you need an institute where you can get the advanced excel training in Behala.  Feel free to contact us if you wish to get the best out of Ms Excel.

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An insight on Advanced Excel Analytics

The 1st time we were introduced to Microsoft Excel was in our basic computing classes to pull off simpler tasks. But there is more to the story that meets the eyes.

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