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Professional 3D Animation Courses

Advance Certification Course on 3D Animation
Duration: 12 Months

Module 1: 3D Animation                           Duration: 12 Months

 (Be a Professional 3D Animation Specialist)

12 Months professional Digital training covering Pre-production, Production and Post-production


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Learning Processes:

  1. Introduction to Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production for Animation and Film Production.
  2. Understanding about different types of Camera, Lenses, Focal length, about the ISO settings . . .  Aperture . . . Depth of Field . . . Shutter Speed etc (Learning process With Digital Presentation and hands on practical).
  3. Concept about different shots and their utility in Film Making
  4. Principles of Animation and types of Animation (Learning process With Digital Presentation)
  5. Storyboarding (with Still images)
  6. Concept of 3D Animation, Introduction to Interface of the 3D Software
  7. Operation of 3D Animation tools
    BG and Props Modeling, Background, Texturing, Lighting, Camera
  8. Particle System
  9. Other Simulation processes included Cloth simulation
  10. Special Effects
  11. Architectural Modeling
  12. Architectural Camera Walkthrough Processes
  13. Match moving & Camera Tracking
  14. Introduction to Maya
  15. V-Ray Rendering and Arnold Rendering


Duration – 6 Months (3 Days / week)

Eligibility: 10+2 from any recognized board

Recommended Software:    Photoshop, 3D Studio Max

Course Fees:  Rs. 1,100/- per Month

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